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Youth Club of Russian Compatriots in the Republic of Cyprus

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Youth Club of Russian Compatriots in the Republic of Cyprus was created in order to implement joint events and projects that are interesting to the youth audience in Cyprus, to constantly exchange ideas and opinions, to enrich the cultural, social and leisure life of young people in Cyprus. The Russian Center for Science and Culture provides comprehensive support to the projects and initiatives of the Youth Club.

Who are we?

Russian compatriots and open-minded people who are residents of the Republic of Cyprus, foreigners, young people who care about the future and are very close to the Russian language and culture! Together we can!

What are we doing?

Traditionally the Republic of Cyprus is considered as an island of tourism and endless summer. Sandy beaches, Aphrodite’s birthplace... It only seems so at first glance! Cyprus is a unique state, primarily due to its geopolitical position. Here mixed peoples and religions, languages ​​and traditions. Youth projects are actively supported in the Republic, bold initiatives are being implemented. Our main task is to support young people in integrating into the local community, both at a professional level and at the level of self-realization.  The youth club of Russian compatriots adheres to the principles of international law and the United Nation Charter.

Our goals:

-formation of the image of Russian youth and the attractiveness of Russia as a country for young people who live abroad;

-help in the integration of Russian compatriots in the host country;

-assistance in the field of cultural dialogue between representatives of national communities;

-protection of historical truth in the field of youth international interaction

-systematic implementation of projects aimed at assisting compatriots living abroad, including in the field of legal protection

Our areas of activity:


In connection with the crisis stage of ecology in the world and on the Island of Cyprus in particular (numerous fires, mass infection with household waste), the youth club is active in the field of informed consumption. We participate in partnership with Cypriot and international environmental organizations and in individual projects. For example, we support the anti-rheumatic society of Cyprus through a project to collect plastic waste as cups; in the lobby of the Representation of Rossotrudnichestvo in the Republic of Cyprus, thanks to the compatriots youth club, a special box was installed for the disposal batteries of the Cyprus organization AFIS. All members of the compatriots youth club are simultaneously participants in the well-known 300,000 Trees for Nicosia initiative.

Education and integration assistance

We cooperate with the largest universities of the Republic of Cyprus - with University of Cyprus, University of Nicosia and with the Institute of Hotel Business of Cyprus and the organization Home for Cooperation which is located in the buffer zone and also the European Cyprus Society. Seminars, workshops, lectures and forums are regularly held as part of the Our Time educational project, where the younger generation discusses topical issues from time management to family psychology.


The youth club of Russian compatriots collaborates with a lot of organizations. For example, together with the European charitable organization Caritas, which works in the field of migration policy, was organized an exchange of unnecessary items (SWOP). The asset of the compatriots youth club regularly takes part in the large-scale educational project ΤΕDxUniversity of Nicosia. The forum raises topics of new technologies and artificial intelligence, ecology and mass migration. The youth club also supports sports activities in the field of volunteering - the club's takes part in the Nicosia Marathon Race.

Public diplomacy and our famous projects

We work closely with the international organization Erasmus Student Network Nicosia. Together with ESN, our educational project Our Time is being implemented, which was personally opened by the head of Rossotrudnichestvo Eleonora Mitrofanova. The first lecturers of Our Time were the coordinator of the volunteer movement TEDx University of Nicosia and the president of Erasmus ESN.

A set of events is regularly held with the support of the compatriots youth club in the Republic of Cyprus, dedicated to the memorable dates of the Great Patriotic War. The events include: work with historical documents, translation of the multi-volume book Great Victory edited by the Rector of MGIMO University Anatoly Torkunov into Greek, where language practice is implemented and the young generation can be more involved in Russian language and history.

Youth Club of Russian Compatriots in the Republic of Cyprus is working jointly with the youth movement of Spain and Andorra under the SORS of Spain, with the governing council of the International Council for Youth and Youth Affairs (Council of young Russian compatriots of Italy), the youth wing of the Coordinating Council of Lithuania, the youth coordinating council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We host themed webinars on the integration of compatriots  in the different countries.

How to become a member?

It’s pretty simple - representatives of compatriots, citizens of Cyprus and other countries, people who studying or working on the island are invited to participate in the Youth Club. A youth club is not only a place for a constant exchange of opinions, but also a generator of new ideas. Here you can find open-minded people and turn your projects into reality! Anyone from 16 to 35 years old can become a member of the Youth Club.

Our contacts

Address: Alasias 16, Nicosia, The Republic of Cyprus, 1075

Телефон: +35796191222

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