Export of Russian educational services

Rossotrudnichestvo within its powers carries out targeted and systematic efforts to assist export of Russian educational services and promotion of Russian higher education in the global educational field.

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The basic document designed to harmonize and further activities to promote export of Russian educational services is the Concept of Promotion of Russian Education on the Basis of Representative Offices of Rossotrudnichestvo Abroad signed by Sergei Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, on March 27, 2014.

According to the Concept, Rossotrudnichestvo through its representative offices abroad provides assistance to Russian educational institutions in three main areas: expert advice and consulting, information support and logistical support for their international projects.

Expert advice and consulting imply provision of consulting and an expert opinion by a Rossotrudnichestvo representative office on most efficient ways of operation of its partners in each country.

Information support is meant to facilitate activities of partner organizations, as well as informing them of promo and exhibition events held abroad.

Logistical support includes provision of venues of the Russian Center of Science and Culture or, whenever possible, venues of its partners on varying terms for events held by partners of Rossotrudnichestvo abroad, as well as efforts to promote the establishment of direct contacts between scientific and educational institutions of Russia and their foreign counterparts.

Rossotrudnichestvo sets partnerships with representatives of Russian higher education (Russian universities) in the form of cooperation agreements signed in conjunction with annual plans of joint actions.

Joint actions in the context of implementation of the documents mentioned above are carried out in the following areas:

- development of international cooperation in the sphere of education and science;

- fostering institutional partnerships between the education and research community of Russia with its foreign counterparts;

- promotion of academic mobility of students and teachers;

- promotion of the positive image of contemporary Russia in the world;

- promotion of Russia, its language, culture, history, education and different areas of mutual interest among foreign citizens.

Under existing agreements between Rossotrudnichestvo and Russian universities,  Russian centers for science and culture abroad as well as representative offices of Rossotrudnichestvo abroad help Russian universities participate in relevant promo and exhibition events held in foreign countries and establish direct working relationships and business contacts with representatives of foreign higher educational institutions.

At the same time, Russian universities get an opportunity to organize their open days at Russian centers for science and culture, and campaign to recruit foreign citizens for study under their educational programs both by Russian government scholarships and on a contract basis, and many more.