Council of Experts of the Russian Cultural Center

The Council of Experts of the Russian Cultural Center in Cyprus is a permanent advisory body, consisting of prominent representatives of Cypriot society, distinguished for their professional and personal successes.

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The mission of the Council of Experts is to unite Cypriot personalities who have studied in Russia, who speak the Russian language and are open and interested in cooperation with the RCC and the Russian-speaking community of Cyprus, in order to exchange experiences and views on current activities and in various major programs and initiatives.

The Council of Experts has an informal structure without the existence of administrative bodies.

Experts in the Council of Experts are distinguished representatives of politics, culture, education, church and society of Cyprus:


1. Metropolitan Bishop Isaia - Metropolitan of Tamassos and the Orini.

2. Michalis Azovides - Associate of the Office of the President of the House of Representatives

3. Vasos Argyrides - Composer

4. Anastasios Kouzalis - President of the Association of Soviet and Russian Higher Education Institutions Alumni

5. Yorgos Kountouris - Artistic Director and Maestro of the Cyprus Youth Symphonic Orchestra

6. Andreas Panzis - Director of theatre and cinema

7. Haris Thrasou - President of the Cyprus - Russia Friendship and Cultural Relations Association

8. Andreas Charalambous - Artist