The Russian language courses function at the RCSC in Nicosia. Russian as a foreign language for elementary, basic and advanced levels (A1, A2, B1) is taught at the courses.

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Russian as a Foreign Language Standard Academic Course

Group lessons (2-3 hours a week)

The "Pioneer" Education Centre offers a range of Russian language courses for students of any age and language proficiency (A1-C2). Small group classes (5-9 people) are conducted by native-fluent, qualified and very experienced teachers every day from Monday to Saturday.

Our curriculum allows you to:

  • Learn to communicate freely with native speakers in everyday life   situations, as well as in socio-cultural and professional spheres
  • Acquire knowledge in all aspects of the Russian language
  • Gain a deeper insight into the history and culture of Russia
  • Become an active participant in the social activities of the Russian Centre
  • Prepare for the TORFL exams

Training is offered both in the classrooms of the Russian Centre and online.

The cost of group lessons per month is 60 euros (2 hours a week) or 80 euros (3 hours a week)


Individual sessions

Individual lessons are specially created for those who want to achieve the fastest progress in learning Russian. They are highly recommended where professional needs require specific language such as Business Russian, Legal Russian or Russian for Tourism.

Advantages of an individual program:

• Development of a curriculum in accordance with the needs of the student

• Working with an experienced teacher who will answer all questions and give valuable advice on any aspect of the Russian language

• Suitable for those who have little time to study

• The most effective way to prepare for TORFL exams

The duration of the individual lesson is not fixed. The intensity of the sessions throughout the program may vary.

The cost of an individual lesson is 25 euros per hour

The cost of lesson for two is 30 euros per hour