Russian language courses

Educational Center "Pioneer" on the basis of the Russian Center for Science and Culture announces the registration for Russian language courses

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The Russian language courses are conducted by graduate specialists in the field of Russian language teaching. The teaching process is based on the best teaching methods and focuses on meeting the needs of students.

All students have the opportunity to pass an assessment (examination) of their knowledge of Russian language as a foreign language, conducted by the leading Russian universities - The State University of Russian Language A. Pushkin and the State University of St Petersburg. The certificate of success of the RLAFL (Russian language as a foreign language) is recognized in all countries of the world and is a great asset for continuing studies and subsequent employment.


Types and costs of courses:

  1. Normal courses: € 215 (30 lessons, 2 times per week, class duration - 1 hour) -4 months
    Normal lessons that require a normal rate of learning and understanding of the basic level of linguistic competence.
  2. Intensive courses: 80 € (8 lessons, 2 times per week, class duration- 1.5 hours) - 1 month
    Intensive courses require acceleration of Russian language learning, basic language proficiency and preparation for exams (teaching the program twice as fast as a regular lesson).
  3. The Russian language as a Business Communication Language: 80 € (8 lessons, 2 times a week, class duration- 1.5 hours) - 1 month
    The courses are aimed at executives of commercial companies: senior managers, bank employees, insurance company officers and consultants, employees in other private businesses, whose daily practice requires the use of Russian language (accounting, drafting of agreements, business negotiation, customer service etc.
  4. The Russian language in the service and tourism sector: (8 courses, 2 times a week, class duration 1.5 hours) - 1 month
    This course is aimed at people, working in the service and tourism sector (mainly hotels and restaurants) and includes targeted Russian language training for proper communication with tourists from Russia.
  5. Individual lessons: 20 € (class duration - 1 hour)
    This individual lessons include private lessons each time, and in a place, that is convenient for the client. The course is tailored to the needs of the client.
  6. Russian language for young students: 215 € (30 lessons, 2 times per week, class duration - 1 hour) - 4 months
    This lesson is designed for primary and secondary school children and includes a basic level of knowledge of the Russian language 

The courses are designed to cover all levels of Russian language knowledge: from the initial level A1 to the advanced C2 level.

The lessons are conducted in groups of 5-7 people.

The courses are designed in accordance with the methods by which students not only receive targeted preparation for exams but also acquire discussion skills and expertise that may be useful in a variety of fields (Russian as a business language, Russian in the field of tourism and of the services).

The students of Russian language courses at the Pioneer Learning Center have the opportunity to participate in a variety of exciting and creative activities that help you acquire new friends and improve your Russian language skills:

  • Literature cafe. The Literature Readers’ Club in Russian, is based in the library of the Russian Center for Science and Culture.
  • Russian folk art and craft studio. Group courses of pottery, artistic pottery, stained glass and wood carving in Russian.
  • Theatre Workshop. A workshop of theatre art, in which everyone has the opportunity to take part in the organization of performances in Russian and Greek languages. The Pioneer Theatre Workshop will take part in theater festivals at the Russian Science and Culture Center and other cities in Cyprus!
  • Centre of Programming and Robotics. Acquaintance with the basic principles of robotics, information technology, and various programming languages.

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