"Svetsky Club", based on the RCSC in Nicosia, is an educational club for people interested in self-education and wishing to bring knowledge to others.

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Aims of the club:


- To help people to expand their horizons, to learn something new and interesting;


- To awaken and support interest in culture and literacy among the younger generation;


- Assist in the realization of the creative potential of the members of the club and all those who want to come to our meetings.

What awaits us:

- Meetings with interesting people. These are writers, poets, artists, musicians, etc .;

- Conversations about painting, literature, music, historical epochs, political events and their impact on the development of culture, and many more interesting things you can learn during our meetings;

- We hold educational events for schoolchildren and students.

How do we do this?

Once every 2 weeks (and maybe more often) we gather at the RCSC. Before the meeting we choose the topic for the conversation. Initiators and all those wishing to prepare reports, the rest can participate in the discussion, ask questions to the speakers. Together we find answers to interesting questions.

To participate in our meetings it is not necessary to have several higher educations. Do not be shy about not knowing anything. If there is no time to prepare reports on a given topic, come just to listen, to participate in the discussion.

We will be glad to see you in the "Svetsky Club"!