Certification examinations in Russian language at the Russian Cultural Center

The Russian Cultural Center organizes certification examinations for the obtaining of a certificate from the Russian Cultural Center in Cyprus.

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The examination consists of a written test (vocabulary, grammar, writing, listening) and an interview.

The average duration of the examination is 2.5-3 hours.

You can download preparatory material from the website of the Russian Cultural Center.

Examinations will take place twice a year: on February 3 and on June 2.

Examinations for students under the age of 14 are based on a children's program.

For the enrollment to the examinations, a registration form must be completed and an amount of € 80 / € 60 (adults / children) must be paid.

Exams are open to students of all Cyprus educational institutions.

In case of failure in the examination, the student has the right to retake all or part of the examination the earliest 30 days after the date of the first examination.

If the student fails in one or two parts of the examination, then, in the event of a retake, he will have to pay 50% of the cost of the examination. If the failure is in 3 or more parts then in the event of a retake, the full cost of the examination should be paid.

The certificate of success in the state examination is a document of strict responsibility and is delivered to the student, who successfully passed the examination in person or to a person authorized by him / her with the presentation of a relevant authorization, completed by the examiner in writing.

For enrollment to the examinations and further information please call: + (357) 22 76 16 07 + (357) 96 09 44 34